Greek mythology tells us that Hercules constructed two pillars near the Straits of Gibraltar to mark the edge of what was then the known world. These pillars bore the warning “Ne plus ultra” or “No More Beyond”. They served as a warning to sailors and navigators to go no farther, essentially shutting the door on possibility.

In 1492 Columbus set sail into unknown waters to an unknown destination. Upon discovering new lands and new opportunities Spain dropped the “Ne” from its motto and minted coins with their new motto …

“Plus Ultra”. This marked the dawn of a new age of discovery. The world had been awakened to new possibilities.

There are many similar stories of discovery, of people, and sometimes entire nations who went beyond the known horizon.  The Polynesian wayfinders, the Inuit, and in South Africa, the Khoi San people.  This spirit of exploration is the inspiration for the work we do.  Even before the COVID19 pandemic, we often found ourselves in uncharted territory, needing to not only seek but make new ways forward in the unknown.

This is what we are passionate about - to get in the proverbial boat with you, and help you navigate in uncertainty.


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