Culture and change through the lens of complexity – A seminar with Dave Snowden

compass 2In dealing with organisational design and change we are starting to realise that we are dealing with a complex ecology of different histories, perspectives and needs that can not be readily engineered.  In dealing with human systems we rarely get a green field site, most of the time we are building on perceptions of the past and the present.   Complexity theory and the growing ability to use micro-narratives look set to transform the way we manage organisations and considerably de-risk change.   It involves a shift from defining idealist future goals to managing the evolutionary potential of the present as articulated in the day to day narratives of the organisation as a whole.  New narrative based tools such as SenseMaker® are providing the potential to revolutionise HR practice.

We are taking advantage of Dave Snowden’s unexpected return visit to SA to organise a short notice seminar which  will cover:

* How do we map the water cooler stories that determine organisational culture and use those maps to determine the level of risk associated with different types of change?   Where will change be easy, where is it running up against deep seated attitudes or beliefs that are unlikely to respond to top down initiatives

* How do we engage the whole organisation in change, not by asking them to achieve some abstract quality such as improved customer orientation but rather my continuously using real time data to answer the question How can I get more stories told like these, fewer like those.  This approach allows engagement at all levels of seniority and education using the common language of stories; but not engineered stories, rather the day to day narratives of people’s lives.

* Whole of workforce engagement in decision support using new tools designed to allow the wisdom of crowds to be articulated in support of senior management

Participants will get a privileged opportunity to use the new Culture-Scan tool in a controlled test in their own organisation and will also get first sight of a radical new approach to 360 feedback designed to move to continuous feedback within a coaching context.

This workshop is proudly sponsored by Worldsview Academy.

When: 12:30 on 27 August 2014

Where: Worldsview House, 150 Kelvin drive, Woodmead

Costs: R1500 pp

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