GameOn! From Gameplan to Gameplay

I’ve been doing a lot of research into what enables effective self-organisation and responsiveness.  I recently read the wonderful book, Legacy, where James Kerr writes about the culture and practices that make the All Blacks a great team.   I found it interesting how much of what they do, have application in corporate teams, especially when it comes to enabling agile self-organisation (at the team level).

It becomes even more interesting when one looks at the functioning of the New Zealand Rugby union, through the lens of scaling agility across the enterprise, but that is for another post.

I will be speaking tomorrow at Agile Africa 2017 about enabling responsiveness by applying complexity principles, and my friend Berto and I decided to experiment with a product combining the best of our worlds – complexity principles, Kanban change principles and practices (as scaffolds for emerging new practice
s) in a team process based on the game of rugby and specifically the All Blacks.  We have created talks, gamified workshops as well as mentoring and consulting processes.  If you’re interested, download the brochure here.



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