Narrative approaches to Research and M&E: a seminar with Tony Quinlan from Cognitive Edge

SensemakerWe have the privelage of having Tony Quinlan from Cognitive Edge in the country for a few days.  Tony and Marcus Guest, an experienced narrative and complexity consultant from Russia, are assisting me on a big Sensemaker project that will be the first of it’s kind in SA (hopefully I’ll be able to share more about that soon!).

I thought we’d capitalise on their trip to arrange a seminar for the Research and Monitoring & Evaluation community to find out more about using narrative and specifically Sensemaker® .

Narrative approaches to Research and M&E: a seminar with Tony Quinlan from Cognitive Edge

When: 29 January 2015 from 13:00 – 16:30

Where: Khulisa Offices, 26 7th Ave, Parktown North, Johannesburg

Tony is a leading expert in the effective use of narrative in complex environments, specialising in new techniques associated with mass narrative gathering and its application to monitoring and decision-making in dynamic, difficult environments.  Most recently, he’s been working with public and private sector clients to develop new ways of surveying populations – with more meaning, easier action planning and better early warning of problems.

Recent applications have included:

  • Cultural awareness and mapping around radicalisation and terrorism
  •  Exploration of how Latin American drug gangs gain traction with local youth, along with approaches to disrupt their influence
  • Understanding local-level attitudes to sanitation and water in rural Bangladesh
  • Crucial snapshots of countries at risk of dramatic change (e.g. Egypt 2010, Libya 2013)
  • Understanding Female Genital Mutilation in Ethiopia

He is a co-founder of the groundbreaking Children of the World project and has worked with thousands of micro-narratives to understand attitudes and perceptions around radicalisation, narco-culture and conflict resolution in South America, the Middle East, Asia and North Africa.

During this afternoon workshop, Tony will share the unique approach he uses based on Prof Dave Snowden’s methods and software, Sensemaker®  as well as learnings from some of his recent projects.  He will be accompanied by Marcus Guest, an experienced practitioner and consultant currently based in Russia who has been involved in several interesting Sensemaker® projects, most recently with the Red Cross in Namibia around vulnerability and resilience of rural communities.

Due to the short notice, we are offering this workshop at a very special rate of R850 per person.   We only have 7 seats left , so book yours soon to avoid disappointment.

For bookings, please me on

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