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Sonja Blignaut

Sonja founded More Beyond in 2013. She is known internationally as a speaker, thinking partner and fellow wayfinder in the field of complexity.  She is passionate about helping others navigate complexity, find their way through uncertainty, and revel in ambiguity.

Sonja is happy in the messy in-between.  She naturally spans boundaries and resists categories.  She is an artist and scientist.  Her formal background is in meteorology, but she was also a professional photographer and she loves having out with psychologists, philosophers, and other interesting people.

Sonja loves to partner with others to challenge the status quo and catalyse new ways of thinking and being.

She is a sought-after international speaker and facilitator and is qualified in various coaching modalities.

Sonja lives in South Africa with her husband and three dogs.  She is a bit of a coffee snob and a foodie.

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Wessel Blignaut

Wessel is an agility coach with a decade's worth of experience working with teams in a wide variety of contexts.  He holds a Master's degree in Project Management and various Agile certifications.  His approach is method agnostic - he weaves together a fit-for-context agile approach based on the evolving needs of the client.

Wessel is passionate about the human dynamics that impact the effectiveness of teams.

He has worked with teams in a variety of industries including banking, pharmaceuticals, mining,  and logistics.  He is currently a practice lead and coach of coaches in a South African based Agile consultancy.

When he is not working, Wessel’s passions include restoring classic cars, marine aquariums, and the art of making a good coffee.


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