Prof Dave Snowden to visit South Africa

Dave-Snowden-123x150It’s been way too long since Dave has visited SA, so I’m really excited to welcome him back!  His thinking has evolved significantly since the last time we’ve had the opportunity to engage with him, so I’m really looking forward to a mind-stretching experience!

Dave will be in SA from around the 14th of October till the 25th.

So far, the following public events have been confirmed:

  • He will be a keynote speaker at the SUGSA Scrum Gathering in Cape Town on the 23rd of October.  There is also potential for a pre-workshop on Complexity & Agile in Cape Town on the 21st.  If you’d be interested in such a workshop, please contact me directly and let me know.
  •  A one day workshop on complexity & leadership at WorldsView academy on the 17th of October
  • We are in process of arranging another Jhb event around complex strategy, but those details haven’t been finalised yet (watch this space for more information).

There are one or two openings left in his diary, if you’d like to set up a meeting or workshop, please contact me directly (sonja @ morebeyond .

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