The soft stuff has become the hard stuff

The Gallup State of the Global Workplace report was released recently, containing employee engagement results per country.  The results are generally pretty dismal,  an indictment on the prevailing cultures in our organisations. For sub-Saharan Africa, the report states: In most sub-Saharan African countries, formal employment for an employer is still relatively rare; many residents work at subsistence … Continue reading The soft stuff has become the hard stuff

Building the adaptive core of your organisation

A discourse that has been gaining prominence in business nowadays is around adaptive and resilient organisations.  Some of the world’s leading business thinkers like Prof Gary Hamel are making the case for adaptive capacity as being critical for businesses today.  In this HBR article the authors speak of Adaptive Advantage as the new competitive edge.   Similarly, resilience has been … Continue reading Building the adaptive core of your organisation

The restorative power of meaning

In an article in the Time magazine (26 June ed), Joe Klein writes poignantly about how regaining a sense of purpose through public service is helping US military veterans and returning troops to find their way again.  Some of these men and women suffer from severe PTSD, others are simply struggling to cope with the … Continue reading The restorative power of meaning

Why another blog?

Although I’ve been actively blogging on for several years, I’ve never felt the need for a personal blog.  Now that I have decided to spread my wings and explore the world beyond TNL, I find that I have quite a bit to say.  I’ve been a business consultant now for for more than 12 … Continue reading Why another blog?