Training courses with Dave Snowden in July

Dave will be popping over to SA for a brief visit in the first week of July.  Before we finalise our training calendar, I thought I’d test the waters to see where the most interest is.

We only have 4 days available (2 in Cape Town on 4 & 5 July and 2 in Gauteng on 7 & 8 July), so we’d love to hear from you what you’d find most interesting to attend (and where you are based)

Currently we are thinking about:

  1.  A 2-day practical exploration of tools to enable you to Manage in Complexity
    • Dave will cover the basics of complexity and Cynefin, but the focus will be on application not on theory.
    • Most of the time will be spent in practical activities applying the theory.  Among others, we will cover various Cynefin-based methods and games; ABIDE and Safe-to-Fail experiment design.
  2. A one-day masterclass in Narrative and it’s role in a new complexity based Theory of Change
    • The full Narrative ecology in organisations.  Using narrative for communication; research and knowledge transfer
    • Mapping Narrative Landscapes with Sensemaker to find “adjacent possibles” and evolving a system forwards
    • Nudge theory
    • An optional extra available to participants is a CultureScan (powered by Sensemaker) license to gather stories from your own environment prior to the workshop to enable you to work on your own data during the Masterclass.  This will enable you to leave the Masterclass with practical strategies that you can implement immediately.
  3. A one-day masterclass in Sensemaker signifier design
    • Learn how to design Sensemaker signifiers from the originator of the concept himself
  4. A one-day lab on Customer Centricity through the lens of complexity and narrative
    • Apply Dave’s thinking on Dominant Predator theory; paradigm shifts; Cynefin dynamics and Anthro (human) complexity to one of the most intractable problems of our time.
    • Think radically differently about strategies of becoming Customer Centric, especially in commoditised environments
    • Learn how to enable the necessary collaboration required to enable the full customer value chain in siloed environments

Go to our events page to register.

Hope to see you at at least one of these exciting events!

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