Who creates our reality?

I find this image incredibly thought provoking.  It speaks to me of so many things … choices; agency; victim mentality; short-term thinking; lack of vision; fear of change; ignorance; maybe even commitment i.e. burning a bridge that may tempt you to turn back.  It stirs a sadness, but also frustration.  Definitely curiosity.

Mostly, it makes me wonder where in my life I may be doing this.  And if I am, if it’s intentional or not.  What does it say to  you?


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2 thoughts on “Who creates our reality?

  1. To me it says this is one savvy person. Note that he seems to have very carefully sawed just 10 rungs, leaving the ladder structurally intact AND with affordances on the left side of the ladder to enable him to still reach the top four rungs. So he is able to both warm himself for survival (perhaps to survive the night) and also still go over the wall (perhaps at dawn, when it will be safer) if he so chooses.

  2. Hi Nick, well spotted! I didn’t even notice that. I find it really interesting different people see different things in this image. It seems to be a bit of a window into the mental models or mindsets of a person. Some see it quite negative, others see the potential and opportunity. I’d love to use this in a group setting to elicit conversation and see what happens!

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