Cognitive Edge launches CultureSCAN!

Cognitive Edge have finally lauched CultureScan.  For all of you who have wanted a safe to fail introduction to Sensemaker, this is the ideal opportunity.  As this is the first Scan that is formallhy launching, you can get it at a 50% reduced cost until the end of June.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity. … Continue reading Cognitive Edge launches CultureSCAN!

Enabling (vs mandating) change

One of the intractable problems that seems face most companies is effecting real and lasting change across the entire organisation.  Many organisations are littered with failed change initiatives and more and more it seems that traditional change management methodologies are failing.  Most large organisations seem to be profoundly stuck when it comes to enabling change; plagued with stories … Continue reading Enabling (vs mandating) change

Believing you’re in chaos can become a self-fullfilling prophecy

One of my new favorite things to do is facilitating Cynefin 101 workshops within my corporate clients.  It allows me to be quite provocative and disruptive (which I’ve started enjoying of late), and I love seeing “the lights come on” when people get it.  The interactions between attendees can also be pretty illuminating.  A week or … Continue reading Believing you’re in chaos can become a self-fullfilling prophecy