About More Beyond


Greek mythology tells us that Hercules constructed two pillars near the Straits of Gibraltar to mark the edge of the then known world. These pillars bore the warning “Ne plus ultra” or “No More Beyond”. They served as a warning to sailors and navigators to go no farther, essentially shutting the door on possibility.

In the 1400’s, the belief that there was nothing more to discover was so prevalent that “Ne Plus Ultra” was written on the edges of their maps. It even became Spain’s national motto, and was seen everywhere their Standard flew. Until one man acted on his conviction that there was in fact More Beyond and changed the world forever.

In 1492 Columbus set sail into unknown waters to an unknown destination. Upon discovering new lands and new opportunities Spain dropped the “Ne” from it’s motto and minted coins with their new motto …

“Plus Ultra”. This marked the dawn of a new age of discovery. The world had been awakened to new possibility.

Today, in Valladolid, Spain you will find a monument to Columbus; its most interesting feature: a statue of a lion destroying the first of three Latin words … “Ne Plus Ultra”.