Case Studies

Innovation Culture


A division of the a scientific research institution in South Africa wanted to understand the cultural barriers and enablers to innovation.  We used a narrative method of emerging archetypes from a body of stories.

Making sense of Safety and Decision Culture

In 2015, More Beyond partnered with a company in the manufacturing industry to use Sensemaker to enable leaders and decision-makers from various parts of the business to become more effective in uncertainty.

Cisco Agile Transformation

Triad from the research

Excellent article chronicling a successful Sensemaker pilot at Cisco to monitor culture and impediments as part of an Agile Transformation

Exaptive Innovation at Philips Lighting


How Philips lighting used emergent narrative methods and Sensemaker for product innovation.  Narratives of how clients experience their gardens provided insight into unarticulated needs which was then compared to existing technical capability in Philips.  This led to the succesful creation of new products.

Mine Safety: A business imperative


A research study commissioned in 2009 by Deloitte and co-authored by Sonja Blignaut (and the TNL team). Narrative based methods and Cynefin were used to make sense of the complex narrative landscape of safety in mining.