[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]We firmly believe that for interventions to be sustainable, internal capacity needs to be built inside the organisation.  We therefore prefer to engage with our clients as strategic partners; collaborating and co-creating rather than consulting or ‘doing unto’.

The best way to describe how we work is to use a cooking analogy.  If we were in a predictable and ordered world where the challenges we face have all succesfully been dealt with by someone else, we could, like a cook, follow a tested and tried recipe.  However, organisational contexts are anything but predictable, and many of our clients find themselves in uncharted territory.

We enable our clients to be like chefs: who are able to improvise and create their own unique signature dishes.  We partner with them to enable their understanding of the principles of cooking e.g. knowing which flavors go well together, which cooking methods are suitable to which contexts.  They are therefore able to adapt to every unique context and emerge their own fit-for-purpose solutions.

We enable our clients to go beyond the recipe and become chefs in their own right.  We don't build dependency on us as the consultants.


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