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  1. When we see organisations as Complex Adaptive Systems, more similar to ecologies than to machines or even organisms.  This requires us to think differently about every aspect of our organisations, especially leadership, strategy and change.

“The temptation to lead as a chess master, controlling each move of the organization, must give way to an approach as a gardener, enabling rather than directing. A gardening approach to leadership is anything but passive. The leader acts as an “Eyes-On, Hands-Off” enabler who creates and maintains an ecosystem in which the organization operates.” 
― Stanley McChrystal, Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World

2. Complex systems are emergent, therefore contextual intelligence is an absolutely crucial capability in the new world of work.  We don't create or follow recipes, we honor every context as unique and create Fit-for-Context procesess.

3. Because these complex organisations are largely made up of human beings, we also believe that they should be "fit for humans".  When we engage with organisations, we employ narrative practices that go beyond what is commonly known as storytelling.  It focuses on the generative aspects of narrative and how  human beings make meaning of their experiences, environment and identities through story.  In a way, we are all authoring our current reality through the stories tell and the actions that flow from them. In organisations and societies, we are all co-authors of an emergent reality.

4. We are pragmatic, we believe theory is important, but praxis (theory + practice) even more so.  We therefore focus on offering practical and experiential processes that make an impact in the real world.

5. We partner with our clients to co-create fit-for context and fit-for-purpose enabling processes.  We know a lot, but we are not experts in your contexts.  We therefore don't engage as expert consultants, but rather as long-term partners.

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We are Waysfinders - enabling coherent responsive organisations in the midst of the volatility and  complexities.



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