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cognitive Edge

Cognitive Edge

Cognitive Edge was founded by Prof Dave Snowden in 2005. It is a Singapore based company, with a global network of practitioners.
Cognitive Edge is at the leading edge of developing approaches that allow organisations to absorb uncertainty and create resilience. They are driving the development of an ecological metaphor to underpin management theory to compliment the engineering approach which has dominated thinking for several decades.

James Durno Visual Communications

James is a Fine Artist and Visual Communicator. He works with groups translating complexities in real-time into visual language as metaphor and rich visual narrative.



KLA is a strategically driven market research company specializing in among other things Customer Experience and Brand Connection insights.


DataSense Consulting

DataSense Consulting was founded by Dr Marietjie Vosloo, a statistician with a lifelong interest in analysis for good decision-making and strong linkages to education in South Africa.

Her qualifications include a BSc Honours in Operations Research and a PhD in Mathematical Statistics.

For the last 8 years, Marietjie was the Programmes Director of the Sasol Inzalo Foundation, a Foundation set up as part of the Sasol Inzalo B-BBEE transaction in 2008 to make a sustainable impact to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education in South Africa.  The Foundation runs eight large multi-year programmes, supporting from primary school mathematics and science through to doctoral students at historically black as well as mainstream universities.  In this role, Marietjie led the research and evaluation aspects of the Foundation’s work and presented more than twenty conference and invited papers on the findings from the Foundation’s programmes and research.  She is a respected member of the education and measurement and evaluation communities and has good working relationships with many universities and the Department of Basic Education.

Marietjie retired from the Sasol Inzalo Foundation in October 2015, and now lives on a small farm outside Stellenbosch.  She now consults independently and offers analysis and data visualisation services in amongst other tools, Sensemaker®.


Meso Partners

Mesopartner is a knowledge firm that specialises in territorial development, competitiveness and innovation. Our strategic intent is to be globally acknowledged as an innovator in territorial development, partnering with strategic customers and associates through capacity building and coaching, as well as programme design, method and tool development and capture, knowledge management, and problem solving.


Narrative Insights

Narrative Insights is a Russian based company founded by Marcus Guest and is part of the global Cognitive Edge network. They deploy innovative, low-touch SenseMaker® software together with the Cynefin Framework™ to provide decision-makers enough information to act.

TILT International

TILT champions Group Relations work in South Africa.  They are a not-for-profit that focuses on creating spaces where people can make meaning of and transform the roles they play in complex work and social environments.