April 4, 2013

Why another blog?

Clear-Sense-Of-PurposeAlthough I've been actively blogging on www.narrativelab.co.za for several years, I've never felt the need for a personal blog.  Now that I have decided to spread my wings and explore the world beyond TNL, I find that I have quite a bit to say.  I've been a business consultant now for for more than 12 years.  I've experienced life as a "Big 5" consultant in PWC and IBM; been through a few buy-outs and mergers; built two successful small companies and learned many valuable lessons over the years.

Turning 40 last year was a milestone for me.  Suddenly I had a lot more clarity about what really mattered in life.  I found that I had a real passion to apply everything I've learnt, my skills in narrative and complexity thinking among other things to help organisations and the people who work there to thrive.  By this I mean that organisations and people know and live their purpose.  I believe that organisations can become hope-filled places where people engage in meaningful work.

Over the years I've seen too many people who view their jobs as "something I have to suffer through to get a paycheck"; I'm sorry, but that is just NOT RIGHT!  You spend too many hours at work for this to be your reality.  Finding no meaning or purpose in work is soul destroying to individuals, and damaging to organisations who end up with a disengaged workforce and big financial headaches.

So, this is what I will be exploring.  I'll probably "think aloud while writing" and hopefully play a role in creating workplaces filled with meaning, purpose and hope.  I hope that you will join me on this journey.

One comment on “Why another blog?”

  1. Sonja, good luck on the new road you are taking! Maybe we shall be able to collaborate somewhere in the future, when I shall also try new ventures. I'm looking forward to learning as much from your expertise in the future as I did in the past.

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